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Thor Green Board 8+ Smart Filter Surge Power Board B12R

SKU: 26.106.0803
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  • Intelligent Power Conditioning Filter
    Dynamic Active Tracking Circuitry
  • 3 in 1 Isolation
    Bank 1 = 1 Outlet - Bank 2 = 3 Outlets - Bank 3 = 4 Outlets
  • 8 Outlets
    All in the One Compact Board
  • Data & Aerial Protection with Cable TV Adaptor
  • Fibre Optic and Broadband Compatible
  • Multiple Application Identity Tags
  • 6 Year Free Replacement Warranty
  • Designed and Engineered in Australia
  • 100% Australian Owned and Compliant
  • Free Connected Equipment Warranty up to $200,000

Green Board - How does it work ?

The Green Board is designed to save power to devices that are in standby but still consuming power. The unique remote switch (Bank 2) allows 4 outlets on the remote bank to be completely turned off.

The other 4 outlets (Bank 1) remain on for devices like pay TV decoders or any recording device that needs to be on permanently so as to perform time related tasks like recording.

This allows the user to get the best of both worlds while saving on energy consumption and therefore saving money too.

As an added bonus the remote button has a clever USB charging circuit built into the switch cover. The circuit will allow a single power hungry iPhone to charge or two other devices like an MP3 player, camera or phone charger.

The Thor Research and Development team have come up with another Australian first!

Inside the Thor Green Board

  • LED control resistors
  • Toroidal coils for maximum filtration
  • AV/TV protected outlets - Now with BOTH dedicated Co-Ax and F-Type aerial protection. RJ 45 Data Protection - 1 line in, 2 lines out. For standard 75 Ohm Co-ax cables.
  • Extra large metal oxide protection varistors
  • Safety fuses
  • Protection on all 3 conductors (Active, Neutral and Earth)
  • Polyester Film Capacitors to Prevent inter-circuit interference (EMF, EMI and RFI).
  • Safety Bleeder Resistor
  • High Voltage Diodes
  • Ultra Fast DC Protection Circuit
  • Resettable safety 10 amp circuit breaker

The Remote Switch

The remote switch has an extra long cable to connect into the side of the board ensuring there is ample lead for even the largest systems. The cable ensures there is power for the USB chargers as well as allowing the operator to easily switch the remote power saving bank “on” or “off” easily. No need to worry about replacing batteries either.

The two LED lights on the button switch indicate there is power to the USB charger and also alerts the user if the remote bank is turned on or off.

The LED lights have been placed at the rear of the switch so as to offer a softer illumination when in a dark environment. Even when power is switched off your valuable devices are still being protected.

The two combined USB chargers can handle up to 1Amp in connected devices to charge. This means that up to two devices can be charging at the same time, how convenient is that?


  • Supply Voltage 240/Vac 50/Hz
  • Maximum Current Rating 10amps/2400 W (Va)
  • Clamping Voltage 275Vac
  • Reaction Time Less than 1 Nano Sec
  • Maximum Transient Spike Impulse Current (AMPS) 196,000 amps. Equivalent to 49,000 Amps using UL1449 standard
  • Maximum Energy Dissipation (Joules) 4890 Joules. Equivalent to 1750 Joules using UL1449 standard
  • Protection Modes (all 8 outlets Protects on all 3 conductors) Active/Neutral, Active/Earth, Neutral/Earth
  • EMI/RFI Noise Reduction Filter Type. Cascade dual bank isolation with 2 cascading circuits
  • Number of Multi-Stage Filter Banks 2
  • Number of Isolated Banks 2
  • Number of Dedicated Outlets 4+4
  • Total Number of Protected AC Outlets 8
  • RJ 45 Data Protection (1 in - 2 out)
  • AV/TV Connection In & Out
  • Cable TV ‘F’ Type Connection In & Out
  • Earth Potential Rise Protection
  • Earth leakage Range Less than 1 milli amp
  • Operating conditions Indoor/AC Mains
  • Operating Temperatures - 10C/+60C
  • Safety Approval No 5287
  • Cable length 1.8m
  • Model No B12R

Additional Information

Additional Information

Barcode 9348828007940
Weight (kg) 1.2500
Brand Thor
Brand SKU B12R
Packaging Retail Box
Warranty 6 Year Warranty


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