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Jamell Cables - Your AV and IT Superstore

In today's world of ever expanding technical wonders, our expectation of all aspects regarding sights and sounds are always increasing and as a result always being improved upon. We at Jamell Cables like to help you keep up to date with what there is to offer.

Whether you are a kid in your bedroom plugging your new TV into your first Xbox, a Mum and Dad who have finally got time to set up the Theatre Room they have always wanted, the Grandparents who have updated the 30 year old TV or a Corporate Director running a major meeting in a very prestigious Boardroom, audio visual equipment and accessories are becoming an essential part of everything we do. We seem to be increasingly reliant on the cables, adapter, switches and all the gadgets of the AV universe. You might be a novice in the world of all this sight and sound wonderment, an enthusiast who is always after all the new gadgets, or even a Professional in the business, but hopefully we can help each and every one of you with your requirements for your home, work and even recreational needs, from a single room to an entire auditorium.

We are here to encourage, support and assist you with any ideas or questions you may have and none of them are too big or small for us to help you with. Jamell Cables has a vast range of customers and are always eager to assist in every aspect of your latest project.

If you are lucky enough to be a Perth local please drop in and visit us. We are happy for you to come and have a browse through our warehouse, have a good look around and perhaps find some new ideas for your latest project.

Welcome to Jamell Cables.


As always I will keep you guys in mind for future needs.

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